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About us

The “Đurđević” meat industry, based in the work zone in Subotište, Pećinci municipality, was founded in 1999, with the aim of always offering its customers quality, fresh and tasty products.

Within the company there is a newly built slaughterhouse, which started operating in 2004 . years. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia assigned this facility an export number, and the facility has the necessary work permits and meets all the regulations of the ISO standard. An extremely modern and up-to-date facility was created in which the top technologies of work and production were applied, the most modern equipment of industrial capacity, enables the daily slaughter of about 1000 pigs, 150 beef and 30 tons of processing, the “Đurđević” meat industry produces and supplies about 400 tons per day on average of finished products, of which 95% is sold through mega markets, and the remaining 5% through our own modernly equipped retail facilities.

In processing and production, the proper conditions for performing registered activities are met, top technology and the most modern equipment are applied, with an industrial capacity that enables the daily processing of about 1000 pigs, 150 beef and 30 tons of processing .

The needs for cattle for slaughter are provided from our own farm where quality heads of cattle are raised, with respect to all zootechnical and scientific programs of genetics, selection of reproduction and breeding.

Special attention is paid to the quality and healthiness of the incoming raw materials, because this way we ensure the top quality of the final products, we also take great care of general hygiene, as well as work hygiene, and accredited laboratories perform regular microbiological and health analyses, as well as control of processing and work surfaces.

The entire production is organized in one place in production and storage facilities. A production hall of 15,000 m2 was built , a state-of-the-art facility equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, which ensures automated technological processes in the production and processing of meat and meat products.

Industije mesa “Đurđević” operates in the desire to remain faithful to its basic qualities, to grow and develop in accordance with new world trends and to provide our customers with products of unique taste and craftsmanship from the centuries-old tradition of Srem.